GPS Monitoring

Modern technology is accelerating entering into every corner of our lives. This is precisely the GPS monitoring service that is easy, fast and secure way you can control the business fleet and private vehicles. This technology is also used to determine where in a given time, our baby or ailing elderly person for whom we are responsible is.

This service has the following characteristics:

  • - Access via a web browser from anywhere in the world, without the need of a special application
  • - SMS alerts
  • - Low monthly cost
  • - The possibility to obtain Autocasco discounts (we assist in completing the formalities)
  • - Possibility to test the service free for 30 days

Take a look at the detailed offer available in the following tabs.

Marketing research conducted among the customers using the GPS monitoring service showed:

  • - Reduction of maintenance costs by at least 30%
  • - Reduction of private trips by 90%
  • - Reduce fuel consumption by 15% minimum
  • - Increasing productivity by 35%
  • - Increased safety (worker, goods, vehicles) by 45%
  • - Increase punctuality of approximately 20%
  • - To reduce fleet costs by 25% for the separation of business travel from privateh

Achieving these values makes the investment cost quickly recoverable, and in a very short period of time is beginning to deliver tangible benefits. Increase productivity, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The insurance companies will give 10% discount on Autocasco with the GPS monitoring system, meaning more costs reduction.

We work with many insurance companies and help our clients get the discount, and choosing the best insurance option. We do not leave our customers without any help. We provide service from A to Z, including the organization of insurance.

Offer GPS monitoring is addressed to anyone who cares about the safety of loved ones:

  • - Children
  • - Elderly people
  • - Movable property

If you've ever worried about your child's safety, people staying in your care, or just worried about your car (check the offer for the business, we offer assistance, Autocasco discounts), then this offer is just for you. If you have any questions or concerns, we will answer them as well as allow you to test our services.

Security of the child

For the sake of your kids we provide personal locators fully compatible with our system at your disposal.

At any time you can check where your child is, did it arrive safely to school or to a colleague. We provide the ability to define safe zones in which the baby can move as well as alerts so that we will be informed that our child had left the safe zone.

Older people

With personal locator we can provide you the opportunity to see where the loved ones are. If someone in your family has a chronic health problem it will allow you to control his position in case he fainted or lost his way back home. Our locator is equipped with a special SOS button, which shall promptly inform you of the alert from your loved one (in the system and the mobile phone). You will be able to respond quickly and help the person.

Vehicles equipped with GPS monitoring provide safety for both business customers and inividuals.

The fleet monitored 24 hours 7 days a week increases the security of a cargo, reduces the time to reach your customers and gives a greater sense of safety for the driver.

Our system allows you to create automatic notifications to inform the owner of the following events:

  • - Unauthorized use of a vehicle at the time when it should stand in the parking lot
  • - The movement of vehicles in areas not defined as permitted
  • - Speeding drivers

Benefits of GPS locator mounted in the vehicle is also a faster location of a stolen vehicle and the insurer's discount, which we help to arrange without putting this on you.

System allows individual users to define multiple alerts that inform the owner of attempted vehicle theft, exceeded speed limit (eg a child who recently obtained a driving license) and among others the use of the vehicle in time when it should be safe in the garage or the parking lot.

To best meet the needs of our customers we are prepared to offer hardware-ideal in terms of quality / price. We do not offer the cheapest products because they place a high inaccuracy and obscure the correct functioning of the system.

Personal locator:

Teltonika GH3000

  • * safety of the elderly
  • * the protection of workers (with a function "man down")
  • * Protection of children
  • * The "man down" - it contains a motion detector and vertical sensor - for example, triggers an alarm when an older person falls down
  • * alarm buttons, and voice communication
  • * Voice Connection (telephone)
  • * Speaker
  • * Remote control via SMS
General information:
  • * Sensitivity-160dBm GPS, 50-channel
  • * 1MB internal memory
  • * Micro USB connector
  • * Pięć przycisków funkcyjnych
  • * Five function buttons
  • * Three LEDs indicate the status and functions of the device
  • * weight 80g
  • * Includes a large capacity battery 1050 mAh (Li-Ion)

Locators for cars and trucks:

Teltonika FM2200

Probably the smallest GPS locator in the world:
  • * Track and vehicle trackingx,
  • * Real-time tracking
  • * Support for geo-zones
  • * Motion Sensor

FM2200 is a locator device operating in the GPS and GSM systems. The geographical coordinates of the vehicle are transferred in real time using GSM module directly into our system. The device is used where a precise knowledge of where, when and which way your vehicles move. In case of loss of communication with the GSM network (no network coverage) locator collects and stores data in memory even able to remember up to 15 000 records.

Locators for trucks:

Teltonika FM4200

FM4200 (similarly to FM2200) is the device operating in the GPS and GSM systems. The geographical coordinates of the vehicle are transferred in real time using GSM module directly into our system.

Locator has an internal battery that supplies power used in case of power loss from the vehicle and the controller controlling the operation of the battery. This allows the locator to operate for almost 48 hours. The unit works with external sensors such as the fuel probes, temperature sensors, etc. In case of network coverage loss device writes data to the internal memory of 7500 records. After re-connecting to the network data is sent automatically to the system so there are no gaps in the record of the route traveled.

Each customer is treated individually. Therefore, please call or e-mail us to arrange a deal for your company.

Car Locators:

Tektonika FM 2200589 zł
Tektonika FM 4200799 zł

Lokalizatory osobiste:

Teltonika MH2000499 zł
XEXUN Tk-102399 zł


Basic subscription Poland45 zł
Subscription Fleet Poland55 zł

The above prices are net prices.

For each customer, we offer the opportunity to test our system in his own vehicle for 30 days, absolutely free. If you are interested to test the GPS capabilities of our platform, please contact us by phone or email to arrange a meeting.

You can also see what our system can do by logging into our system via the "log in" and typing "itademo" as username and "itademo2012" as password.

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